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Deep Space Weapon Specialist.

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Intel compute stick


transforms any HDMI display into a fully functional computer

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Reading: Remote: Office Not Required


If you work remotely or want to work remotely, this book is a must-read. It’s short, concise and fascinating.

“The best way to defuse the ‘everyone must be bound by the same policy’ line of argument is to remind your boss, yourself, and any other concerned party that you’e all on the same team. You’re all in the game to find the best way to work: the most productive and happiness-inducing setup wins.”

“Remote work is about setting your team free to be the best it can be, wherever that might be.”

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According to this I am neither an appearance conscious asshole or a technology conscious prick.

Mark Twain


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Zina Lahr

It’s sad that it takes a person’s death for us to see some of the amazing things they’ve done while alive

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re-watch gladiator, if you’re looking for a motivational movie.

hello world!

inside google data centers


link here

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Tron motorbike build from 2.5” HDD parts by @phacyh


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it’s tough to remain positive and confident in the face of repeated failure. it doesn’t hurt that much as long as you haven’t betrayed yourself or those who’ve agreed to come on the ship with you.

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